Value Proposition


Koordimate enhances productivity by improving efficiency across your teams. It’s a Change Transformation Tool, that helps you effectively utilise your resources and appraise performances. Finally, it can get you optimum results, regardless of where your team works from – homes or offices.

- 3600 view and tracking of activities

All information in one place

All presentations, documents and discussions are in one place and not scattered in emails or in different tools in the cloud or a server.

Keep yourself in the loop

For those meetings you cant attend, you can “follow” them online and easily see  what was discussed, what was decided, the status and its progress.

Follow up through reminders

Easily set reminders for critical tasks for you and your staff. Track these reminders, activities progress and escalate tasks not completed to the next level for action.

Plan and execute in the same place

You plan your projects and work on them in the same place, creating real, fluid planning and execution.

Transparency with control

Show only what needs to be shown and only to the people who need to know. Allowing complete control over  transparency

Be on top

The interactive dashboards provide an overview as well as drilldown details of your team’s activities

Key Challenges


  • Lack of Visibility of the Progress
  • Lack of Centralized information for decision making
  • Lack of Monitoring of Priority  areas
  • Lack of Clarity on Resource Utilisation
  • Lack of Clear Workflow


  • Complete Visibility of the Progress
  • Central Repository of Information
  • Clear Focus on Prioritized Areas
  • Optimal allocation of Work
    to  Resources
  • Availability of Workflow


  • Scheduling
  • Project & Meeting Monitoring
  • Activities & Task Monitoring
  • Escalations & Reminders
  • Preparation of Agenda, Minutes & Customized Templates

About Silpi Technologies

Silpi technologies employs modern technologies and proven software frameworks to business problems. Our products and solutions are aimed to make business easy and flexible. Our services are driven by our passion for problem solving, customer success and business growth. We innovate with new thinking and integrate emerging technology models into our products to create a futuristic vision of your business. We help your people achieve their full potential and keep your business ahead.